Security and Compliance for Enterprises

Strengthen data protection. Streamline compliance. Mitigate risk.

Security. A Must.

Cyberattacks are increasing in number and severity. Regulatory requirements continue to evolve. You and your organization can’t predict the future, but you can be ready for it.

Comprehensive protection

Strengthen your data security and visibility to mitigate the impact of cyberattacks with Cohesity. Reduce your attack surface with unification and consolidation.

Counter ransomware attacks

Defend your backup data and apps with a multilayered, end-to-end solution.

Cohesity solutions prevent, detect, and quickly respond to ransomware attacks. Don’t let your backup become a target. Identify potential attacks. If the worst happens, ensure rapid response through corrective action at scale.

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Deep visibility

Leverage backup snapshots to automatically discover production security exposures and vulnerabilities, and also assess overall IT risk posture—without impacting the production environment or live data.

Meet recovery SLAs with backup verification for predictable recovery, while reducing risk of re-injecting vulnerabilities back into production.

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Streamline Compliance

Cohesity eases compliance audits and tasks while keeping your business agile. Reduce IT burdens around how to best protect, minimize, locate, search, and monitor secondary data and apps to meet requirements such as GDPR.

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Our organization has experienced two attempted ransomware attacks that have been resolved with limited downtime and expense using Cohesity DataProtect. Both incidents involved SharePoint mapped drives that were CryptoLocked and required restoration of the entire database using the previous Cohesity backup and instantly resolved the issue at no additional cost.

Ben Price, Associate CIO, Administrative & Residential IT, University of California, Santa Barbara

Several of our customers have had to deal with ransomware attacks and Cohesity has been vital in helping them avoid substantial downtime or payments to restore their data. Cohesity’s comprehensive solution offering prevention, detection, and response ensures that enterprises have what they need to overcome increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks and keep focused on running their business.

Arnoud Kamphuis, Infrastructure Engineer, Fundaments B.V.

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