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Mitigate Threats and Save Time with Modern Secondary Data and Application Protection

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Don’t Let Threats and Requirements Slow Innovation

Cyberattacks are increasing in both number and severity globally. Regulatory requirements are also changing at unprecedented rates. Your organization can do more to mitigate malware and streamline time-consuming compliance operations. A defense-in-depth approach to secondary data and application security delivers the protections your modern business needs to prevent data loss while ensuring continuity of operations.

Malware and Mandates Meet Their Match in Cohesity

Cohesity strengthens data security and streamlines compliance by converging secondary data and applications onto a hyperconverged, web-scale platform. Cohesity’s unified, web-scale secondary data platform makes always protected backups available—on-premises or in the cloud—and near instantly recoverable to any point in time. Work confidently knowing Cohesity is safeguarding your data.

Defense-In-Depth Security from Cohesity

Reduce the overall amount of and place controls over stored information. Strengthen protection and meet mandates with policy-driven automation and API integration. Recover instantly from ransomware attacks. Be confident with enterprise-grade, industry-standard, and government-certified safeguards, including data segmentation, data-at-rest, and data-in-flight protections.

Simplify Data Security Management

With Cohesity, there’s no copying data across silos, so no data is lost. Enterprises also only have to protect and manage one solution for data stored on-premises and in the cloud.

Protect All Workloads

Cohesity consolidates and protects all secondary data and workloads—from virtual machines (VMs) and physical servers to Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle databases, NAS devices and Pure Storage—with unparalleled operational efficiency, at scale.

Meet Industry and Government Requirements

Cohesity streamlines compliance while keeping businesses agile. Reduce IT burdens around how to best protect, minimize, locate, search, and monitor secondary data and apps to meet requirements such as GDPR. Future-proof to be prepared for what’s coming next. Learn more

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54% of companies experienced one or more successful attacks that comprised data and/or IT infrastructure.

Ponemon Institute

Protect by Design

Unify operations and save time with a single platform simplifying and strengthening data protection through authentication, authorization, encryption, segmentation, search, compliance, and recovery.

Safeguard Data as SOP

Make securing your data standard operating procedure (SOP). Speed backup with local data protection in case of accidentally deleted files, app crashes, data corruption, and viruses. Enable fast recovery of individual files and applications. Retain data to satisfy compliance or regulatory requirements. Provide off-site protection and reliable disaster recovery with Cohesity DataProtect, fully converged with Cohesity DataPlatform.

Encrypt Data

Apply data segmentation, data-at-rest, and data-in-flight protections, based on strong AES-256 Cipher Block Chaining standard with a FIPS-Certified mode for high end-to-end security and optimal use of available resources.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

Set access permissions to secondary data and applications by user type and data source. Cohesity supports authentication and authorization, including strong Active Directory integration, multi-factor authentication (MFA), access control lists, mixed-mode role-based access control (RBAC), and comprehensive system and product-level auditing.

Automate Policies

Establish granular control. Automate retention policies in Cohesity that enable you to keep personally identifiable information (PII) only for intended periods of time.

Recover Quickly

Attacks and natural disasters happen fast. Recovery must, too. Get back to business faster with always protected backups and instant recovery to any point in time with recovery point objectives (RPOs) in minutes.

Rapidly Restore with Snapshot Views

Prevent access with time-based snapshots into internal views that are never exposed, making them inaccessible to processes and software. During data restoration, Cohesity never exposes internal views, but rather clones the snapshots and only mounts the clones making rapid restore of the latest healthy snapshot easy.

Fight Ransomware with Immutable Locking

Leverage file or view-level WORM (write one, read many) for immutable locking and secure data retention capabilities to mitigate data loss and ransomware.

Catch Intruders

Obtain forensic evidence of cybercrimes. Cohesity enables an administrator, at no cost, to quickly capture a snapshot of the encrypted Cohesity View.

Verify the validity of new backups

Use Cohesity to automatically detect meaningful, unexpected changes in incoming data should ransomware be deployed to change underlying data in files rather than changing file names.

Exceed Security Expectations

Deploy a best practices security strategy that includes enterprise-grade, industry-standard, and government-certified protections. Cohesity follows best practices as well as adhering to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) recommendation for dealing with ransomware: Perform frequent backups of system and important files and verify those backups regularly.

Certified Protection

Cohesity achieved Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) Compliance | Authorities to Operate (ATOs) and is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validated. Solutions are soon to be Common Criteria EAL2+ Certified (in process).

Government Cloud-Ready

Cohesity is approved for secure, FedRAMP Certified Government Cloud integrations.

Enhanced Integration

Cohesity has Internal Key Management Service (KMS) support and integrates with external KMS providers for key management.

Sensitive Information Security

Cohesity includes encryption and strong multi-factor, certificate (PIV/CAC) based authentication.

Discover Rapidly

Ensure you know what you have, so you can protect it. Cohesity search and analytics provide insights to help you quickly discover, easily report on, and if necessary, delete, sensitive information you have stored in your secondary data.

Google-Like Search

Search unstructured data for information that may be sensitive, yet unprotected. Use Cohesity Analytics Workbench applications—Pattern Finding and Password Detector—to discover details (txt, doc, pdf, xls, zip, jpeg) that may be stored in plain text or alphanumeric schemes that violate compliance rules.

Threat Remediation

Leverage real-time, global infrastructure wellness data from Cohesity Helios to empower users to make informed decisions with contextually relevant information.

Analytics Insights

Report on meaningful insights from untapped data and search results in txt file formats or integrate Cohesity with third-party data visualization tools.

We appreciate the cost effectiveness of Cohesity products which allow us to consolidate our VM and database backups and dev/test instances into a single, protected, web-scale system that automatically deduplicates, compresses and encrypts our data.

David Dietz, IT Manager

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