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Are you struggling with easy scaling and fast restores? Tired of the high cost of maintenance and annual true ups? Legacy backup systems are expensive insurance policies. So break up with it already!

Move on to a modern web-scale backup and recovery solution.

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Simple Converged Data Protection for the Modern, Cloud Era

Today’s enterprises need a scale-out, converged data protection solution that natively integrates with the public cloud. Cohesity DataProtect eliminates those silos by converging all your backup infrastructure on a modern, web-scale platform.

  • Enjoy a single, graphical user interface
  • Use policy-based automation to streamline tasks
  • Accelerate recovery points and enjoy instant recovery times
  • Cut your data protection costs by 50%
  • Integrate with AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud for easy archival, tiering, and replication

There’s No Comparison between Cohesity and Legacy Backup

Hyperconverged platform Siloed media servers and targets
Single management UI with policy-based protection Multiple, fragmented UIs to configure backup workflows
Cloud native Cloud gateway
Limitless, transparent scale-out Scale up with forklift upgrades
Instant mass restore, unlimited VMs, any point in time Slow restores, limited VMs
Best-in-class efficiency with global in-line variable length block dedupe with compression Local and/or fixed block dedupe with compression
Online upgrades and expansion Disruptive, pre-planned upgrades
Extensible from data protection to
files & objects, analytics, and test/dev
Just a backup

With Cohesity, you’ll be in good company

Previously Veritas NetBackup and Dell EMC Data Domain took 18 hours to merge and stitch incremental backups into a single synthetic full. With Cohesity, the backup window was reduced to one hour.

Rael Mussel
VP, Infrastructure

Cohesity allowed Valley Proteins to consolidate its backup software and target storage onto one, easy to use and manage unified solution. By leveraging parallelized data ingestion and storing each backup as a fully hydrated copy on Cohesity DataPlatform, the team reduced their recovery points to sub-5 minutes and achieved near-instantaneous recovery.

Bradley Wilton
IT Director

Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers are saying

  • Cohesity - Easy to implement, even easier to manage
    – Lead Storage Administrator in the Education Industry
  • So simple my kid could use it.
    – Lead Technical Architect in the Finance Industry
  • Great product, very robust, and well-supported.
    – Chief Information Officer in the Healthcare Industry

Don't get stuck with your legacy backup

See what Cohesity can offer for you.

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