Secondary Data and App Protection for Financial Services

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More Modern, Less Complex Data and Apps Management

Competing in the fintech age requires modern IT. But digital transformation stalls when mass data fragmentation prevents coordinated IT management in how your financial firm addresses cyber threats, compliance, cloud-native service delivery, and data discovery. Cohesity ensures all of your secondary financial data and apps are protected and productive with a single, web-scale platform for backup, files, objects, test/dev, and analytics.


Shine a light on dark data. Cohesity’s unified platform consolidates financial data silos and provides global data visibility for more efficient IT operations, faster disaster recovery, scale-out storage, and streamlined security and compliance from PCI to GDPR.


Choose when, where, and how your data is stored and accessed. A hyperconverged platform, Cohesity simplifies data retention and archival practices, reduces cyber attack surfaces, and should a ransomware attack happen, helps you instantly recover.


Quickly address changing business requirements and application development needs. Cohesity native cloud integration gives you the flexibility to control workload storage and protection from core to cloud to edge.

Financial Firms Trust Cohesity Solutions

Banks, credit unions, insurers, and brokerages choose Cohesity for secondary data and application management.

Secure Financial Data and Apps

Do more to mitigate threats. Cohesity empowers your firm to reduce the overall amount of and place controls over stored information with a defense-in-depth security approach.

Protect Sensitive Information with Encryption

Keep customer personally identifiable information (PII) and sensitive business information secure with data at rest and in motion encryption. Cohesity is FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Validated.

Prevent Access with Controls

Leverage fine-grain, role-based access control, audit logs, and built-in reporting to protect and secure operations.

Find and Recover Data Fast

Use rapid, granular search to recover individual virtual machines (VMs), restore files to source VMs, and recover individual application objects. Use Google-like, wild-card search to instantly locate VMs and files.

Mitigate Risk with Broad App and Infrastructure Support

Gain consistent and comprehensive data protection for your virtual, physical, and cloud environments, as well as business-critical applications with a single web-scale solution.

They’re not just a backup appliance. They have a file system in there, and we could replicate our old backup jobs into Cohesity. The competitive differentiator was that file system.

Steven McCaa, Director of Infrastructure and End-User Service

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Reduce IT Management Burdens

Lower TCO with modern, software-defined infrastructure for secondary workloads running in the data center, a private cloud, a hybrid cloud, a public cloud, and in remote/branch offices.

Eliminate Copies with Global Deduplication

Gain operational efficiency with true global deduplication for storage of secondary data. Cohesity SpanFS delivers unlimited scalability, guaranteed data resiliency, and global deduplication.

Save Time with Automated Operations

Take advantage of pre-built integrations for ServiceNow and VMware vRealize Suite accessible directly from the Cohesity GUI. Cohesity’s API-first architecture and full-featured REST APIs support the most demanding service-level agreements.

Unify with Global Management

Gain unprecedented global access, visibility, and control of secondary data and apps across all Cohesity sites—on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge with SaaS-based management from a single dashboard.

Lower Branch Investment with Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Reduce your data footprint with hyperconverged infrastructure. Optimize TCO and ROI by choosing a certified appliance or software-only version for cloud and remote/edge/branch locations.

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Recover Quickly from Ransomware

Counter attacks and confidently refuse to pay cyber criminals. Cohesity continuously backs up and verifies the protection of your secondary data and apps, getting your financial services organization back to business fast.

Instant Mass Restore

Perform an instant mass restore of your data—with zero data loss—should a breach occur. Cohesity keeps data available by powering on hundreds of servers to regain pre-attack states using files unaffected by ransomware.

Recover to Any Point in Time

Simply and quickly roll back back operations to any point in time to discover when malicious code appeared. Capture a snapshot of the encrypted Cohesity View for authorities.

Fast Global Search for Threat Discovery

Globally search and find an infection across data center systems for fast, targeted cleansing.

Streamline Compliance

Keep an eye on operational efficiency as you address ever-changing government and industry requirements. Cohesity simplifies secondary data processing and management operations—from backup and recovery to retention and discovery.

Adhere to Data Protection Requirements

Be better prepared. Cohesity’s flexible, extensible platform helps you innovate while addressing stringent requirements from PCI and Gramm-Leach-Bliley to GDPR Requirement sections to protect, minimize, locate, search, and monitor PII.

Simplify Audits with Policy-Based Automation

Couple policy-based automation with API integration to achieve long-term retention requirements and speed audits.

Ease Mergers & Acquisitions

Consolidate secondary data and apps from many organizations and silos post-merger or acquisition into one platform with unified global management of financial and business information.

Do More with Your Data

Empower your financial organization to better compete. Cohesity gives your developers access to test/dev data for faster innovation. Cohesity also lets you quickly run analytics on secondary data to gain deeper customer insight and discover untapped value.

Deliver No-Hassle, Instant Data Access

Eliminate the manual, time-consuming process of delivering production data copies for test/dev environments. Cohesity ensures productive data is always available, on-demand to drive test/dev workloads.

Know What Data You Store

Harness the power of your data with greater visibility into it through Cohesity Analytics Workbench. Use advanced data analytics to make more informed decisions and meet complex compliance requirements head-on.

Gain Insights from Analytics

Improve customer experiences using insights from your secondary data and apps, especially as your firm migrates to multi-cloud architectures.

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Key Financial Services Use Cases

Ensure comprehensive secondary data and app protection and management. Gain speed and flexibility with fast backup, easy search, and instant recovery. Streamline workflows and automate policies to meet ever-changing financial regulations. Lower TCO.


Gain agility, speed, and self-service with automation and APIs for secondary data and apps.

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Backup and Recovery

Eliminate silos and gain simplicity, speed, and flexibility with instant data and application recovery at scale.

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Achieve peace of mind with fast and cost-effective data protection for your RDBMS.

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Disaster Recovery and Replication

When it counts, recover quickly anywhere. Choose cloud-based or off-site replication.

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Easily Integrate Cloud

Enjoy simple cloud connectivity for backup, archive, disaster recovery, and test/dev.

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Long-Term Retention and Archival

Streamline workflows and automate policies to meet business objectives such as compliance and regulatory requirements.

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Eliminate multiple tools, gaining simplified backup with instant recovery for all physical workloads.

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Protect All Your Virtual Workloads

Get more from your virtualization investment with simple, flexible, and fast data protection.

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Scale-Out Storage

Better manage unstructured data growth and enjoy pay-as-you-go efficiency.

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Security and Compliance

Streamline compliance and reduce IT burdens around regulations with fast search, location, and monitoring.

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Test and Development

Accelerate time to market and lower TCO by using your existing data for test/dev in the cloud or on-premises.

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