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Announcing Cohesity Pegasus 6.5.1: Options Matter

By Raj Dutt • August 17, 2020

Value-oriented leaders understand that today’s infrastructure decisions are not part of a zero-sum game. You’re not looking at data management solutions to solve one challenge at the cost of another. You’re not willing to make trade-offs. With a modern data management solution, you don’t have to. You can have performance, simplicity, and control.

Today, we’re excited to announce the Cohesity Pegasus 6.5.1 software release, bringing you new capabilities that make it easier to protect your organization’s data while giving you a new set of options in how to rightsize your environment. 

6.5.1 gives you dozens of new capabilities. Here are some of the highlights:

Now Protecting Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

Microsoft 365 Backup with Azure


The global pandemic has impacted our lives in multiple ways, including what tools and applications we use to stay productive remotely. Since the beginning of COVID-19, Microsoft 365 adoption has seen a dramatic increase. As part of our mission to help you easily protect all of your data from a single platform, we’re expanding our support for Microsoft 365 to include backup and recovery of SharePoint Online. Now you can protect Microsoft 365 Exchange Online, OneDrive and SharePoint Online all on a single platform.



Seamlessly Protect both Traditional and Modern Databases

It’s not a binary choice. Your organization relies on both traditional databases as well as modern workloads such as NoSQL and Hadoop to keep your business running. You need to protect them all and having a single, seamless workflow to accomplish that makes all the difference. 

With Cohesity, use a single policy framework and user interface to protect NoSQL and Hadoop and traditional databases with all the same capabilities. Spend less time and money orchestrating workflows and more time leveraging your data. The integration of our acquisition of Imanis Data is now complete and folded directly into Cohesity DataProtect. Cohesity’s capacity-based license allows you to protect your traditional and modern data sources with no additional cost.

hadoop recovery

More Flexibility and Power 

Data growth and compute requirements are related but one should not hold or limit the other. Instead, your business needs to define how much compute and storage capacity resources you need to meet your SLA. 

We’re excited to introduce a new node type for Cohesity clusters that will give you flexibility to scale the cluster capacity or compute resources independently to meet your unique business requirements. With our new compute nodes, you’ll experience greater performance and unlock new possibilities. 

Do Less and Save More with External NAS Tiering for Scale-Out NAS and Microsoft Azure

Managing data is not synonymous with storing data. Data is dynamic—its importance fluctuates depending on its relevance to your organization at a given point in time. Cohesity SmartFiles gives you the flexibility to move data back and forth between external NAS systems and reduces costs through automatic tiering. Save on costs and meet those ambitious SLAs.

In that same vein, CloudArchive Direct now supports Hot to Archive Blob Lifecycle management to help you automatically tier to a cheaper option and dramatically reduce costs.

For Service Providers: Consumption-Based Pricing Option

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Traditional licensing locks service providers into multi-year license cycles and flat-fee monthly subscriptions. With Cohesity, service providers now have the freedom to choose their own monthly commit and pay only for the software they consume.

Options Matter: Do More, Save More, Provide Choices

A modern data management solution doesn’t treat infrastructure decisions as part of a zero-sum game. You can and should expect attributes of modern infrastructure to include performance, simplicity, and flexibility. 

With 6.5.1, we’re reinforcing our commitment to this belief and making it effortless for you to save more, protect more of the data sources you rely on, and get more control in managing and deriving value from data.