As someone new to the company, I wanted to give an outsider’s perspective on what convinced me to join the awesome team at Cohesity, as well as invite you to learn more during our upcoming Storage Tech Field Day this Friday (11:00-1:00 Pacific Time).

I’ve always been a fan of Tech Field Day events. When the opportunity to join Cohesity came up, I needed to get up to speed quickly. What did I do? I immediately brought up Cohesity’s past Tech Field Day events and watched them all … twice. There is no better public way to consume the technical aspects of a company’s solutions.

Technical solutions and architecture in general have always been my passion. I like to solve the jigsaw puzzle of putting various products together into a final solution to meet our customers needs. Building the Technical Solutions team here at Cohesity will be no different.

What attracted me to Cohesity? The secondary storage market is ready for disruption. I have watched the trends from converged infrastructure to hyperconverged infrastructure in the primary storage space. This was a natural evolution and I was privileged to work in both spaces.

The same is happening for secondary storage. No one likes legacy backup, no one likes islands of storage, and no one likes complexity in the operations of their solutions. Finally, with the march to cloud, our customers are demanding a solution that is built with the cloud in mind as opposed to bolted on.

Some things to look for in a modern data protection and consolidated secondary storage solution:

  • Can I start small and scale out while maintaining storage efficiency and resiliency? Cohesity gives our customers the ability to start simply as a storage backup target and grow into a complete disaster protection solution, including file and object consolidation and in-place analytics over time combined with global deduplication and flexible resiliency policies. You will be impressed by the flexibility and growth options.
  • Can I expand beyond data protection? A hyperconverged secondary solution isn’t “hyperconverged” if it is only on-premises data protection. What about file and object storage? What about running analytics on all of your secondary data and deriving insights from that? And dynamic, seamless expansion into cloud? Your solution needs to cover all secondary storage use cases and provide flexibility in location based on your business needs. Cohesity has you covered on all accounts.

Sound interesting? We invite you to watch the live stream of Cohesity at Tech Field Day this Friday. We’ll be talking about file and object consolidation and cloud integrations including a deep dive into Cohesity’s SpanFS technology that makes it all happen.

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