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The Helios Mobile App

The Helios mobile app allows you to manage all of your Cohesity clusters, located anywhere, right from your smartphone.

Easily manage support cases, and get notifications about anomalies, including potential ransomware attacks to the production environment.

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Simple, Unified Global Management

Much more than a passive dashboard, Helios provides a single global view for you to actively manage backups, file shares, object stores and data for dev/test and analytics.



Manage, enforce your global policies, and upgrade all your Cohesity clusters from a single aggregated view.


Optimize performance and proactively detect anomalies to avoid downtime with SmartAssist.


Easily accommodate future requirements and ensure business continuity with built-in machine learning.

Accelerate IT Productivity

Cohesity Helios gives you unprecedented global access and control of your data and apps on-premises, in the public cloud or at the edge.

Multi-Cluster Management

A single global dashboard to actively manage all your Cohesity clusters.

Simple Easy To Use Interface
Global Monitoring and Reporting

Access critical operational data quickly with prebuilt or custom reports.

Fast, Actionable Search

Global search capabilities to quickly locate data and take appropriate actions.

Streamline Planning and Improve Continuity

SmartAssist enables IT with machine-drive actionable operational insights to help meet SLAs and improve business continuity.

Proactive Health Checks

Receive alerts about anomalies, breaches or degradation with remediation suggestions.

Operational Insights

Effectively plan for future requirements like capacity with machine-learning insights.

Performance Benchmarking

Evaluate your IT performance compared to peer companies with global analytics.

Machine Learning-Based Ransomware Detection

Reduce downtime with early detection after a cyberattack. Assess the threat impact in real-time with machine-driven anomaly detection and accelerate the recovery.

Leverage machine learning to help recommend a clean copy of the data to recover anywhere.

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Maximize Agility and Insights

Helios is more than just about management. Use it to derive meaningful insights from your data for proactive planning.

What-If Analysis

Verify new processes and their impacts before making changes across global infrastructure.

Smart Recommendations

Receive contextually relevant information and actionable recommendations to speed everyday operations.

Make Data Productive

Eliminate data copies. Make backup and unstructured data productive for compliance, security and analytics.

The new Cohesity Helios mobile app gives users a direct line to their Cohesity infrastructure from their smartphones.

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Munson Healthcare is committed to providing top quality care to our patients through a dedicated team of 9,000 professionals who operate across nine hospitals. It is critical that we manage our secondary data and applications spread across multiple locations in the most efficient way possible while also ensuring we meet stringent compliance requirements by 'lighting up' untapped secondary data. Cohesity Helios can help us directly address these challenges while continuing to focus resources where they are needed most -- on our patients.

Josh Humphrey, Sr. Systems Administrator, Munson Medical Center

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