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Cohesity Helios

SaaS-based secondary data and application management

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Simple, Unified Global Management

Cohesity Helios provides a single view and global management of all your secondary data and applications wherever they reside —on-premises, cloud, and edge. Much more than a passive dashboard, Cohesity Helios utilizes cutting edge machine learning algorithms to proactively assess IT needs and automate infrastructure resources.


Gain operational insights and maximize global resource utilization with a single, unified view of all your Cohesity clusters, whether on-premise, remote or in the cloud


Easily plan for future requirements and ensure business continuity with built-in machine learning and artificial intelligence.


Optimize infrastructure performance and proactively detect software and hardware anomalies to avoid downtime with SmartAssist.

Accelerate IT Productivity

IT can be a business differentiator, yet fragmented, sprawling global secondary data hinders your ability to operate efficiently, mitigate risk, and deliver innovation. On its own, Cohesity DataPlatform brings dramatic secondary storage simplification. Add Cohesity Helios to your multi-cluster environment, and you gain unprecedented global access and control over all your secondary data and apps, whether on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge.

A global dashboard for real-time monitoring

At a glance, know exactly what your global Cohesity clusters are doing and performing through a single, easy-to-use, dashboard. Monitor your global infrastructure in real-time, drill down into any specific Cohesity cluster, or search for specific workloads.

Pre-built reports on-demand

Access your most critical operational data quickly with cadence of your choice to track metrics real-time with numerous pre-built reports of your global Cohesity clusters.

Multi-cluster management

Roll out policies and make upgrades across all locations and clusters with single click multi-cluster management, drastically simplifying overall IT operations.

Now, a Smart Assistant for IT

Define service-level agreements (SLAs) by job and workload, and Cohesity SmartAssist will automatically evaluate required versus available resources (e.g., compute, storage, and more) to meet SLAs or suggest changes as needed.

Machine-driven operational insights

Use insights from machine learning built into Cohesity Helios to gain operational insights such as current storage utilization, data growth trends and storage efficiency analysis, and effectively plan for future requirements

Benchmark for the best performance

As with fitness and finances apps, now you can benefit from seeing benchmarks comparisons with similar workloads and environments. Evaluate your infrastructure’s performance versus others, using the operational data Cohesity Helios collects, anonymizes, aggregates, and analyzes globally. Compare and optimize your infrastructure utilization against your peers.

Simplify Business Planning and Improve Continuity

Both downtime and insufficient resources are unacceptable for today’s business, yet the breadth and complexity of modern IT infrastructure make it increasingly difficult to prevent. Cohesity Helios eases this burden, using machine learning to help ensure business continuity of your secondary infrastructure.

Proactive health checks

Receive alerts signalling any software and hardware anomalies with remediation recommendations before it negatively impacts the business. Configuration validation, blacklist version control, and hardware health checks are enforced by Cohesity Helios to prevent inadvertent compliance breaches or performance degradation.

Smart recommendations

Empower admins to make informed decisions when implementing new policies or configurations. As admins work with Cohesity Helios, it learns and provides contextually relevant information and actionable recommendations to speed everyday operations.

Call home for peace of mind

If the unexpected happens, gain peace of mind knowing Cohesity Helios can automate corrective action for failure of non-critical system resources.

Fast, actionable global search

Use Google-like global search capabilities to quickly locate the data and take appropriate actions, for example, instantly recover an existing backup, or clone a copy to accelerate application development with test/dev.

What-if analysis

Take guesswork out of new processes or configurations. Sandbox environment let’s you verify new processes and their impacts before making changes across global infrastructure.

Maximize Agility and Insights with a Single Platform

Cohesity DataPlatform and Helios solve secondary infrastructure complexity, but that’s not enough. Businesses are looking to accelerate application delivery and time to value. Helios goes beyond management delivering unique capabilities so your business can more easily derive meaningful insights from the secondary data.

Simple data and app mobility

With a unified Cohesity platform, you can now easily move secondary data and apps to any location. Eliminate unnecessary data copies, reduce your global data footprint, ease test/dev and better prepare for disaster recovery.

Replicate data across your global

Cohesity infrastructure using Cohesity CloudReplicate. Archive data to the cloud with Cohesity CloudArchive and accelerate application development with Cohesity CloudSpin. Learn more about Cohesity integration with public clouds.

Derive business insights from untapped data

Leverage in-place analytics capabilities—without moving data to another analytics engine—to bring compute to data for valuable insights from previously untapped data. Use Cohesity Analytics Workbench and pre-built Cohesity secondary apps to improve compliance, reduce risk and optimize capacity for video content.

IT organizations globally are grappling with how to easily manage skyrocketing volumes of secondary data and applications that are often spread across a complex web of silos both on-premises and in the cloud. The issue is both a result of, and compounded by, infrastructure not being managed as an integrated platform. Cohesity Helios gives users innovative ways to view and manage their global secondary data and applications. The sophisticated access and control that comes with Helios makes it much easier to accelerate IT productivity, simplify business planning, and derive insights from untapped data.

Mark Peters, Principal Analyst and Practice Director, ESG


Munson Healthcare is committed to providing top quality care to our patients through a dedicated team of 9,000 professionals who operate across nine hospitals. It is critical that we manage our secondary data and applications spread across multiple locations in the most efficient way possible while also ensuring we meet stringent compliance requirements by 'lighting up' untapped secondary data. Cohesity Helios can help us directly address these challenges while continuing to focus resources where they are needed most -- on our patients.

Josh Humphrey, Sr. Systems Administrator, Munson Medical Center

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