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Consolidate Secondary Data on AWS

Cohesity DataPlatform is a modern architecture designed to be cloud-first. Native integration with AWS helps you consolidate multiple secondary data workloads in a hybrid architecture.

Secondary Data Use Cases for AWS Cloud

Cohesity and AWS enable you to build a hybrid cloud data fabric for a variety of secondary data use cases such as long-term retention, backup, disaster recovery, and test/dev.

Long-Term Retention

Enable archival of backup data to AWS storage services for long-term retention.

Storage Tiering

Utilize policy-based thresholds to move cold data to the AWS cloud.


Instantly provision new applications and VMs on the AWS cloud with CloudSpin.

Disaster Recovery

Enable full lifecycle disaster recovery on the AWS cloud with failover and failback capabilities. Replicate data from an on-premises Cohesity cluster to the AWS cloud.

Direct Backup to AWS

Backup on-premises applications and send backup data directly to AWS eliminating the need to deploy backup software and target storage on-premises.

Cloud-Native Backup

Protect AWS applications with EBS snapshot API integration and achieve best in class operational efficiency.

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By 2020, the number of enterprises using public cloud as their data center backup destination will double to 20%.

Gartner – How to Leverage Public Cloud IaaS for Backup and Recovery

As a global technology solutions provider, we like to stay ahead of the technology curve. We saw clear value in adopting Cohesity to consolidate and simplify our secondary storage infrastructure. Cohesity allows us to consolidate data protection and file storage, while providing simple integration with the AWS cloud for long-term archival.

Brian Sweeney, Principal Engineer

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Leveraging Cohesity’s solution on AWS allows for automated and secure backup and full lifecycle disaster recovery in the cloud. With Cohesity, we now have one platform that gives us the ability to easily search and recover data, keeping our production schedules on track and saving time and expense for Air Bud Entertainment.

Tyson Clark, Technical Director

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The interest in HCI continues to grow at a rapid pace, especially in the secondary storage space where there is an opportunity to streamline data protection and management,”. “The availability of the Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition on the AWS cloud facilitates the creation of hybrid architectures for enterprises, that can enable them to address a variety of use cases including backup, disaster recovery, test/dev, and application mobility.

Henry Baltazar, Research Vice President

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