Hewlett Packard Enterprise Elevates Partnership with Cohesity: Consolidating Secondary Data and Apps on HPE Servers over Hybrid Cloud

By Sanjeev Desai • November 26, 2018

Our technology and go-to-market partners are immensely important because they allow us to meet our customer needs quickly and effectively. In addition to helping customers feel confident about selecting our joint validated solutions, partners also provide the convenience of one-stop-shopping that includes both Cohesity software and their preferred hardware and services.

By now, you may have heard the news that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has elevated its partnership with Cohesity (beyond HPE Complete) by entering into an OEM agreement to offer the jointly certified solution available directly from HPE and its channel partners worldwide. This significantly streamlines customer’s purchasing, deployment, and support experience through a single trusted partner. The best of breed solution combines the web-scale simplicity and efficiency of Cohesity software with the power and density of industry-leading HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant servers, along with HPE Pointnext advisory, professional, operational, and financing services.

Why is it important to you?

Secondary data and applications—including backups, disaster recovery, files, objects, test/dev, archives and analytics—are massively fragmented across a complex patchwork of specialized point products and infrastructure silos in the data center and the cloud. Not knowing what and where data exists across all silos makes it impossible to protect. And not having an easy way to manage all data makes it impossible to harness for greater value. As secondary data often gets copied more than 10x across distinct silos, with no central visibility and control, it is inefficient and costly to manage and creates a crippling source of compliance risk.

How do you simply and efficiently protect, store, and manage exponentially growing secondary data—across clouds, data centers, or remote/branch offices—and put it to work for your business?


Trusted Partners, Proven Solutions

With the OEM agreement with Cohesity, HPE makes it easier than ever for customers to solve secondary data and apps challenges quicker and with more confidence. Enterprises worldwide can now better manage unstructured data growth, eliminate mass data fragmentation, and reduce costs and complexity by simplifying the management and protection of secondary data and apps with one hyperconverged solution: Cohesity software on industry leading HPE servers for all use cases—from backup and recovery to files and objects to test and dev to archive and analytics. A strong HPE and Cohesity partnership boosts data center modernization initiatives and accelerates enterprise journeys to hybrid cloud with the best-of-breed solution that puts secondary data to work.

HPE Servers Certified for Cohesity Software

Cohesity and HPE have worked closely together to certify the optimal HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant server configurations to run Cohesity software. Both rack-scale HPE Apollo and rack-optimized HPE ProLiant servers integrate Cohesity software for better protected, more productive secondary data and applications.

Cohesity makes it easy for you to quickly bring HPE Apollo/ProLiant compute to secondary data and seamlessly extend the data center to the cloud of your choice—Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, or Cohesity Powered service providers. Cohesity software will soon integrate into HPE’s global supply chain processes and systems. This will enable customers to minimize deployment risk, complexity, and cost by purchasing complete, optimized, and jointly validated HPE and Cohesity secondary data and apps solution directly from HPE and its channel partners by Spring 2019. Meanwhile, Cohesity software continues to be available through the HPE Complete program.

The Cohesity-HPE Advantage: Key Customer Benefits

  • Validated joint solution with integrated data protection, file and object services, test/dev and analytics on proven HPE servers.
  • One purchase order to HPE for a full secondary data solution including servers, Cohesity software, services, and support.
  • Streamlined purchasing, deployment, and support experience through a single trusted partner (HPE).
  • Flexible and non-disruptive pay-as-you-grow model.
  • Improved total cost of ownership and return on investments.
  • More productive secondary data for your business.


Are you ready to consolidate secondary data and apps silos on HPE Apollo and ProLiant servers with Cohesity and accelerate your journey to hybrid cloud? Start the journey on your terms with a joint Cohesity-HPE solution for use from the core to the edge and cloud.

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