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Combat cyber exposure

According to a 2019 cybersecurity study, 60% of IT and IT security leaders reported not having enough visibility across their full set of assets.

Knowing your gaps and vulnerabilities is the first step in maintaining and improving your security.

Recover with confidence

Streamlined and rapid recovery with complete peace of mind.

Meet SLAs with certainty

Scan backup snapshots to assess health and recoverability status to ensure a smooth recovery.

Trust, but verify

Avoid re-injecting vulnerabilities back into production when recovering from compromised snapshots.

Instantly recover anywhere

Reduce downtime by recovering any workload, from any point in time, to any target location.

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56% are concerned about their inability to predict where or which assets would be compromised.

Ponemon Institute

Assess risk posture

Scan backup snapshots on demand or on a scheduled basis to uncover cyber exposures and vulnerabilities in your production environment without impacting performance or overhead.

Respond to and address risk

Reduce risk with a detailed dashboard that gives a clear view of all cyber exposures within your global production environment.

Leverage engine and CVE database actionable recommendations to address issues before hackers exploit known risks.

Data Recovery Predictable

Can You Tell if Your Data Recovery is Predictable?

The ability to ensure predictable recovery gives you confidence in your backup infrastructure and in the resiliency of your organization. To assess your readiness for achieving predictable recovery, ask yourself these questions.

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Discover, assess, and respond to vulnerabilities.

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