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Data is the lifeblood of today’s organization, yet most backup and recovery infrastructure requires multiple point solutions, and cloud integration is an afterthought.

Existing backup solutions have long recovery times, complex forklift upgrades, and don’t give you the ability to reuse your backup data. This results in an inefficient backup and recovery environment. In today's demanding business environment, your data protection solution needs to be simple, flexible and fast rather than an expensive insurance policy.

Simplify Operations with Modern Data Protection

Designed on Google-like principles, Cohesity simplifies data protection by converging backup, recovery, replication, and disaster recovery on a single, hyperconverged, cloud-native platform. Gain unparalleled app and data mobility with a software-defined solution that spans from your core to the cloud and edge.

Cohesity’s modern architecture reduces your recovery points to under 5 minutes and provides instant mass restore to any point in time, all while cutting your data protection costs by over 70%.

"By 2021, more than 80% of enterprise data will be stored in scale-out storage systems.”

Gartner – Infrastructure & Operations: Top 10 Trends to Watch

Radically Simple, Flexible and Fast Data Protection

Manage your entire data protection environment with a single pane of glass. Eliminate legacy backup silos, protect virtual and physical environments, and easily span to the cloud on a web-scale platform

Agentless backup

Eliminate cumbersome manual updates and management of agents for your VM environment.

Automated policy creation

Meet strict SLAs with policy-based automation from backup frequency, retention of data set, replication and disaster recovery and more. Customize the policies to fit your unique business requirements.

Flexible Scale-out with No Rip-and-Replace

Eliminate forklift upgrades

Limitlessly scale-out your backup and recovery infrastructure and benefit from a pay-as-you-grow model. No more over-provisioning, ever.

No time for downtime

Perform non disruptive rolling upgrades with an always-on model. Easily introduce nodes to your existing cluster with no impact to the production environment.

Instantly Search and Recover at Scale

Instant mass restore to any point in time

Whether due to human error or external threat, bring back your entire VM environment instantly to any point in time. Cohesity instant mass restore brings your business back online, now.

Global search, even within VMs

Rapidly search-and-recover data with Cohesity’s indexing engine and Google-like wild-card search. Automatically index data upon ingest, even for files within a VM for fast search.

True Enterprise-Class Performance

Best in class global deduplication

True global inline variable length block deduplication optimizes storage efficiency and dramatically reduces data center footprint. Cohesity uniquely dedupes across clusters, workloads and protocols.

No more surprises

Cohesity uniquely provides strict consistency at scale. Meet your business SLAs, avoid “file-not-found” errors, and achieve superior data resiliency at scale with an enterprise-class solution.

Cloud-First Design

Easily extend to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud without a bolt-on cloud gateway. Cohesity was designed for the cloud era from the beginning. Take advantage of public clouds elasticity and economics with Cohesity’s policy-based automated archiving, tiering and replication to the cloud.

Cohesity’s Cloud Integration

Do More with Your Backup Data

Accelerate app dev with instant clones

Stop copying backup data to yet another expensive storage silo for your developers. Make your backup data productive by instantly provisioning zero-cost clones. Run those on Cohesity, or spin up into the cloud.

Speed compliance requests

Cohesity doesn’t just index meta-data, but can also search file data for potential regulatory or compliance violations. Run customized queries using the built in Cohesity Analytics Workbench to find Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for GDPR, or other eDiscovery requests.

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