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What Is an Enterprise Backup Solution?

An enterprise backup solution protects an organization’s data by continuously saving it, storing it, and defending it from cyberattacks, natural disasters, and human errors. Effective enterprise backup solutions support many different data sources—like on-premises, cloud, and SaaS—and work across private and public clouds. They empower teams to use saved data to speed development and testing or to discover business insights. Backup enterprise software solutions also can help teams recover quickly from a ransomware attack, if needed.

Why Is an Enterprise Backup Solution Important?

Enterprise backup solutions help organizations keep information safe and the best enterprise backup software also prevents data loss.

In today’s complex business world, every bit of data has potential value. Yet exploding data volumes and the multitude of ways information is collected and saved have created mass data fragmentation. With the volume of worldwide data predicted to increase 61% by 2025 according to IDC, it is vital for businesses to have a comprehensive backup solution that not only consolidates data from multiple sources but also provides visibility into this global data as it’s being protected and updated.

These are the top reasons organizations need an enterprise backup solution:

  • Stop data loss
  • Defend data from ransomware attacks and other cyber threats
  • Keep operations going in the event of a disaster or human error
  • Meet compliance mandates such as short- or long-term record retention
  • Streamline audits
  • Maintain employee productivity
  • Deliver exceptional user experience
  • Be prepared for worst-case scenarios

What Is the Best Solution for Business Data Backup?

The best enterprise backup solution for business data will do several things well at once. It will radically simplify data protection by eliminating legacy point products traditionally used for backup operations. It will support managing backup and recovery in a single solution with one interface. It will support a wide variety of data sources—from traditional to modern–including virtual and physical servers, traditional and containerized applications, enterprise, modern, and cloud-native databases, Network Attached Storage (NAS) and software as a service (SaaS) workloads.

A best-in-class enterprise backup solution will feature near-zero Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and near-instant Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) to meet business service-level agreements (SLAs). It will also be available in both on-premises and as-a-service models for maximum elasticity and economics flexibility.

The best enterprise data backup solutions counter the increasing blast of ransomware by reducing attack surfaces, creating immutable (or unchangeable) backups, adding access protection layers by role, encrypting data, supporting multifactor authentication, and isolating data. Should the worst case happen, the best solution for business data backup will also rapidly recover virtual machines (VMs) and other data workloads at scale, in minutes rather than days or hours.

What Are the Three Types of Backups?

The three (3) types of backups that organizations generally are interested in performing are:

  • Full backups — A full backup copies all of the data of a production system onto a backup system, protecting every piece of data—from its servers to its databases to its VMs. Depending on the amount of data being protected, these backups can take hours, or even days. Modern enterprise backup solutions require fewer full backups, and when performing them, operate faster.
  • Incremental backups — An incremental backup captures any new data since the last incremental backup was performed. If it is the first incremental backup, it captures new data since the full backup.
  • Differential backups — A differential backup captures all of the data since the previous full backup. Both incremental and differential backups require at least one full backup before they can be performed.

How Often Do You Back Up Databases?

The answer depends on how modern and robust your enterprise backup solution is. Not surprisingly, database backup types and times fluctuate, given the high volume of data in databases. Modern enterprise data backup solutions can more quickly perform full backups, daily incremental backups, or differential backups—or whichever combination of backups is required—faster than legacy enterprise offline backup solutions, minimizing the risk of data loss.

Cohesity’s Enterprise Backup Solution

Cohesity delivers a proven enterprise backup and recovery solution. Cohesity has been named as a Leader in enterprise backup solutions for the third time in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions, cementing its status as robust and innovative backup enterprise software.

Cohesity DataProtect running on the Cohesity Data Cloud is a converged solution ideal for organizations interested in solving mass data fragmentation and protecting a wide variety of traditional and modern data sources in on-prem and multicloud environments.

Cohesity backs up and secures data to prevent data loss and downtime in the event of a natural disaster, ransomware attack, or human error. Using Cohesity offline or as enterprise cloud backup (in a backup as a service [BaaS] model), organizations can derive greater insights from all of their data while keeping operational costs low.

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