Cohesity’s Sai Mukundan attended the AWS Global Summits 2018 in San Francisco last week. While there, Sai sat down with theCube host, Stuart Miniman, for a quick chat about all things Cohesity: cloud, data protection, hybrid (cloud + on-premises) environments, and elimination of secondary storage silos.

Sai and Stuart cover a lot of territory in a short amount of time, so here are highlights from just one exchange. You’ll have to watch the 12-minute video, recorded on the AWS Summit floor, to catch the rest!

In answer to a question from Stuart about storage and cloud being more complicated than originally thought, Sai explains how Cohesity is addressing today’s challenge to modernize the data center.

According to Sai:

Customers that have adopted, or are considering adopting, the cloud are facing three challenges from a storage perspective.

1) They continue to have their on-premises environment, but are now looking to leverage the cloud in order to make their environments very seamless, without adding point products or solutions.

2) Cohesity is focused on secondary storage, which includes things that are outside of primary – meaning not mission critical, high IOPS, low-latency applications. Secondary storage does include things like Backup, Test/Dev, and Disaster Recovery. These customers want to know how to adopt the cloud, and at same time reduce infrastructure silos.

3) Ease-of-use, ease-of-management, and simplicity.: Addressing these areas of complexity is a priority for Cohesity.

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