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Cohesity is Protecting Backup Data Against Ransomware and Customers Approve

Our recent announcement about combating ransomware has struck a nerve – a good nerve! It seems the idea of being able to prevent, detect, and (worst case) rapidly respond to a ransomware attack is a good one. We know this because our customers and industry experts keep telling us.

For a quick catch up: Cohesity DataPlatform now includes a comprehensive set of capabilities that directly combat ransomware attacks, which is one of the greatest enterprise security threats today. Our multi-layered, anti-ransomware capabilities allow organizations to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals, who have begun aggressively targeting an organization’s greatest insurance policy: backup data.

Backup data is particularly vulnerable to ransomware attack because it’s vital to business continuity … and there is a lot of it. (IDC estimates there will be more than 175 zettabytes of data by 2025). But Cohesity helps you thwart those cyber criminal efforts with this three-pronged approach.

  • Prevent: Ensure your backup doesn’t become a ransomware attack target.
  • Detect: Machine learning discovers ransomware threats by providing visibility into anomalies and by continuously monitors primary sources.
  • Respond: Quickly recover from ransomware attacks by locating and deleting infected files across your global data footprint, including public clouds. Instantly bring back data and apps through unique instant mass restore.

Don’t just take our word about how welcome our ransomware news is! We’ve rounded up comments and some light reading so you can see for yourselves.

What People Are Saying About Cohesity’s Ransomware Protection

“Protecting data against ransomware has become a crucial challenge for enterprises as traditional backup solutions have become targets themselves. ESG research shows that the vast majority of enterprise end-users have expressed concern about backup cross-contamination caused by cyber-attacks. Cohesity’s end-to-end proactive solution, with its laser focus on preserving backups from cyber-corruption combined with restore flexibility capabilities, is a notable improvement over more reactive approaches that can leave backups exposed.”

– Christophe Bertrand, Senior Analyst, ESG

“Our organization has experienced two attempted ransomware attacks that have been resolved with limited downtime and expense using Cohesity DataProtect. Both incidents involved SharePoint mapped drives that were CryptoLocked and required restoration of the entire database using the previous Cohesity backup and instantly resolved the issue at no additional cost.”

– Ben Price, Associate CIO, Administrative & Residential IT, University of California, Santa Barbara

“Ransomware is one of the greatest enterprise threats right now and as it becomes more targeted and sophisticated, organizations have realized that a reactive approach is insufficient. Instead, they need a mitigation strategy that focuses on holistic prevention with rapid detection and response. Cohesity is not just the only solution that provides the necessary tools for this, they also provide mass restoration from immutable backups that gives me confidence that if/when we face a ransomware attack, we will be able to avoid any downtime or disruption to our business.”

– Jon McFarland, Security Analyst, 1st Security Bank

“Several of our customers have had to deal with ransomware attacks and Cohesity has been vital in helping them avoid substantial downtime or payments to restore their data. Cohesity’s comprehensive solution offering prevention, detection, and response ensures that enterprises have what they need to overcome increasingly sophisticated ransomware attacks and keep focused on running their business.”

– Arnoud Kamphuis, Infrastructure Engineer, Fundaments B.V.

Read What the Media is Writing About Cohesity’s Ransomware Protection

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Helpful links to learn how Cohesity offers a comprehensive solution against ransomware attacks.

  • Read about our comprehensive solution against ransomware here.
  • Read the solution brief here.
  • Watch the video here.
  • Read the blog here.

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Team Cohesity

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