At Cohesity, we love our customers and we take pride in what we do. But, you don’t have to take it from us. Jerome Wendt, President and Lead Analyst from DCIG had the opportunity to interview Fidel Torre Michieli, a System Architect at Ultimate Software.

On the first part of the interview series, Fidel shares his experiences on the challenges and evaluation process on how he came to choose Cohesity.

Read More: Part One: We Cannot Scale Our Backup Solution, We Die Part I

During the second interview, Fidel shares how he successfully rolled out Cohesity throughout his organization.

Read More: Part Two: SaaS Provider Decides to Roll Out Cohesity for Backup and DR

In the third interview, Fidel shares what is life like after installing Cohesity.

Read More: Part Three: SaaS Provider Pulls Back the Curtain on its Backup Experience with Cohesity

During the fourth interview, Fidel shares how Cohesity functions as both an integrated backup software and a deduplicating target backup alliance in his company’s environment.

Read More: Part Four: Modern Backup Appliances Function as Integrated Backup Appliance, Deduplicating Backup Appliance or Both

Thanks Jerome for conducting this interview at VMworld and Fidel for sharing his experience. You can hear more from Fidel here:

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