Our company received two exciting industry recognitions in the past month, and the driving force behind both is a factor that is near and dear to every Cohesian’s heart: positive company culture.

Everyday life at Cohesity is based on what our CEO, Mohit Aron, refers to as RADIO: respect, attitude, delivery, integrity, and customer obsession. RADIO extends to every facet of our organization, and it’s what keeps Cohesians showing up every day — raring to go and with a smile on our faces.

2018 LinkedIn Top Startups List

Last month we made it to Linkedin’s list of the 50 hottest startups nationwide to work for, and the designation put us squarely in the mix of trendy, fun companies like scooter company, Bird, and low-calorie ice cream maker, Halo Top Creamery. Pretty cool for a networking company that addresses the secondary data and apps market!

The 2018 LinkedIn Top Startups List includes privately held companies with at least 50 employees and which are less than 7 years old. It is derived from a blended score based on:

  • Interest in the company.
  • Engagement with employees.
  • Job interest and retention (Cohesity maintained an employee retention rate of 97 percent in the first half of 2018!)
  • The billions of actions taken by more than 575 million professionals on LinkedIn.

Companies that made the 2018 LinkedIn Top Startups List may offer vastly different products, but what we all have in common is having a positive workplace environment and supporting work-home-life balance.

2018 Top Company Cultures List

Hot on the heels of making the Linkedin list, this week Cohesity was ranked eighth (out of 150!) on Entrepreneur’s 2018 Top Company Cultures List, which spotlights U.S.-based businesses with “high-performance cultures”.

The reason we made the Top 10 of this latest list? You guessed it: Cohesity is a great place to work! We were recognized for elements that speak to the very heart of the company Mohit founded.

  • Creating an exceptional culture that drives employee engagement.
  • Exceeds employee expectations.
  • Directly impacts company success.

Another cool thing about making this list is that it’s based on employee input. Employees took online surveys, and the honorees were determined and ranked based solely on their survey feedback scores. Each company was measured in response to 24 questions on subject matters such as connection, alignment, effectiveness, leadership, and management, as well as basics such as pay, benefits, and flexibility.

We are super pleased, but not surprised, to be included in these latest top-company rankings. Cohesity is an awesome place to work, and even our customers have noted as much after attending events where the energy coming from the Cohesity booth is both palpable and part of the booth attraction.

If you’re wondering what life at Cohesity is like from the inside, you can catch some fun company-culture glimpses by following our blog. Also, you can check out our Careers page here for opportunities here at Cohesity.

Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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