Many of our blogs are written by Cohesians who want to tell the world why they decided to join the team, or why they enjoy life so much once they join. There’s a unique bond among Cohesians, as reflected by Tyler’s description of his team’s recent Scavenger Hunt.

But don’t just take our word for it. Ask Glassdoor.

Job and recruiting site, Glassdoor, along with global investment firm, Battery Ventures, just named Cohesity as one of the 50 Highest-Rated Private Cloud Computing Companies To Work For. All fifty companies on Glassdoor’s list are B2B cloud companies, and all are places where employees report the highest levels of satisfaction at work. This is according to employee feedback shared on Glassdoor.

Cohesians gave us an overall company rating of 4.4 out of 5, a full point above the 3.4 average across Glassdoor. Also, Cohesity CEO Mohit Aron (unsurprisingly) proved to be a popular figure, with an 87 percent approval rating! Mohit, who is one of eight recent recipients of his Rice University Alma Mater’s engineering alumni awards –  ranked well above the average CEO approval rating of 69 percent.

As a company, Cohesity received an 84 percent positive business-outlook rating, whereas the broader Glassdoor average is 48 percent. We are pleased with this result as a positive business outlook shows employees believe business will improve in the next six months. That vote of confidence means the world to an employer that cares about its workforce. And we do!

According to Glassdoor, employees at highly-rated companies have common desires such as:

  • They enjoy working for mission-driven companies with strong and unique company cultures.
  • They like employers that promote transparency.
  • They like companies with experienced senior leaders who regularly and clearly communicate with employees.

Nothing captures company culture like a glimpse of the positivity in action. Here is a roundup of some recent blogs demonstrating that Cohesity culture at the root of our Glassdoor recognition:

You can find more here:


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