AWS re:Invent is undeniably the largest cloud computing event on the planet. During the last few years, the show has seen remarkable growth in attendance. What’s also interesting to see is the increase in enterprise customers flocking to the event as they embrace AWS services in their cloud journey. We’ve been cloud-native in our approach since day one, which enables you to easily leverage services such as Amazon S3 and Glacier.

As re:Invent kicks off this year, we’re excited to introduce new product capabilities that will enable you to accelerate your hybrid cloud strategy for secondary data and apps with Cohesity and AWS. For cloud-native backup, we’re introducing integration with EBS snapshots to deliver backup for cloud native VMs on AWS. To aid disaster recovery, we’re introducing failover and failback capabilities enabling full lifecycle disaster recovery to AWS. And for long-term retention, we’re pleased to announce integration with AWS Snowball, which can enable transfer of large amounts of archival data to AWS.

Let’s unpack each of the product capabilities:

Cloud-Native Backup: As applications are being migrated to AWS and born there, it’s critical to have an enterprise-grade backup solution for them. We’re introducing cloud-native backup through integration with EBS snapshot APIs to enable protection of cloud-native VMs. All Cohesity platform and backup capabilities — such as auto-protect and auto-discover — are available, which helps bring automation to the backup process and improve life of administrators. For more information on this capability, we recommend checking out this video which provides more details on the workflow for this capability.

AWS Snowball Integration: AWS Snowball is a data transfer appliance intended to transfer large amounts of data to AWS and seed the archival process. This is especially crucial as transferring large amounts of data over the network can be a challenge. With the integration of AWS Snowball with Cohesity, you can start by protecting your data with Cohesity, and then seed the initial archival of your data onto AWS Snowball. This ensures the protection of your data and provides a simple and secure way of getting your data into AWS.

Full Lifecycle Disaster Recovery: As data center transformation continues to be front and center for most enterprises, the use of the cloud for disaster recovery is increasing. In order to enable a complete lifecycle solution, both failover and failback capabilities are essential to take on-premises VMs to the cloud and back; the workflow will be leveraged when disaster strikes. The Cohesity solution includes both failover and failback capabilities and leverages capabilities such as CloudSpin to help in the conversion and movement of VMs to AWS formats, and vice-versa. For more information we highly recommend reviewing this demo.

Customers such as Manhattan Associates, Lending Club, and many others have derived tremendous value from the Cohesity and AWS solutions. Their use cases span backup, long-term retention, and disaster recovery. These are just a few of the many customers adopting the Cohesity and AWS solutions and that number is exponentially growing.

With Cohesity and AWS you can turbocharge your hybrid cloud strategy for secondary data and applications. For more information, please visit the AWS solution section on the Cohesity website. And if you’re at AWS Re: Invent definitely come by the Cohesity booth #2620 and see a demo, attend one of the many sessions and enter your name in a drawing!

And don’t forgot to join us at our show party, which is happening at the OMNIA Nightclub at Caesars Palace on Monday November 26. The show will feature the chart topping star, Pitbull, and basketball legend, Shaquille O’Neal aka “Shaq”!

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