Enterprises are increasingly using the benefits of cloud infrastructure for secondary storage use cases, such as long-term retention and storage tiering. But that cloud infrastructure has been managed as another silo, and at Cohesity, we understand the challenge this presents. We recognized the role the public cloud would play early on, and we have consistently delivered capabilities in the platform to make the public cloud interoperable with customers’ existing on-premises infrastructure.

Last year we announced support for archival of data for long-term retention to Google Cloud Storage. Today we are excited to share the news that we are extending that integration with Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition (CE) for Google Cloud Platform.

Now you can have backup and recovery for applications running in Google Cloud and utilizing Google Compute Engine (GCE) resources. With GCP Cloud Edition, Cohesity DataPlatform runs in the cloud, leveraging GCE compute resources. A CE cluster can be created, and scaled up or down as needed. And all DataPlatform capabilities – such as deduplication, compression, and encryption – are available in Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Key Use Case: Backup of VMs in GCP

The ability to provide enterprise-level backup of VMs is a key use case for Cloud Edition on GCP. Cohesity brings simplicity at web-scale to backup and recovery of VMs, and this capability – as well as the simple workflow and user interface – is now available for applications in GCP.

Below is a link to a demo that will walk you through the workflow for backing up VM’s in GCP.

We will be showcasing this new solution at booth #S1215 during the upcoming Google Cloud Next ’18 conference taking place July 24 through 26 in San Francisco. So be sure to come by and see how you can get up and running with Cohesity on Google Cloud Platform as well as win some cool prizes!

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