Today, Google Cloud Platform launched Google Cloud Storage Coldline, a new storage class of service designed for long-term data retention

What is Google Cloud Storage Coldline?

Google Cloud Storage Coldline is a storage class of service designed for long-term, less frequently accessed content. Google Cloud Storage Coldine is particularly relevant for data accessed less than once a year. The new GCP cold archival solution is part of a unified offering for cloud storage, which provides different price and availability points that match customer’s storage needs. Coldline is different than traditional cold storage in that data is still usable by applications when needed and its latency matches the other storage classes, with 99% SLA.

Cohesity integration with Google Cloud Storage Coldline

Cohesity’s product integration with Google Cloud Storage Coldline provides customers an enterprise hybrid cloud data protection strategy with end-to-end data protection that spans on-prem and cloud storage infrastructure. Google Cloud Storage Coldline is a great medium for long-term, low-cost data retention. Cohesity’s integration with Google Cloud Storage Coldline provides the following enterprise benefits:

  • Deploy cost effective cloud storage for long-term data retention
  • Support regulatory compliance requirements with archive copies in the cloud
  • Improve disaster recovery with copy of data in Coldline

Google Cloud Storage Coldline is now available as an External storage Target on Cohesity DataPlatform. It is possible to register multiple external cloud targets with Cohesity DataPlatform. It is also recommended to turn on encryption in Cohesity and compression for data sent to the cloud. Upon registering Coldline as an External target, add or update an existing data protection policy on Cohesity to enable archival of a Data Protection Job with the desired retention period (typically multiple years) and RPO (Recovery point objective). The screenshot below shows the integration of Google Cloud Storage Coldline with Cohesity DataPlatform.

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Article contributors:
Sai Mukundan, Product Management
Radhani Guturi, Engineering

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