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Introducing Cohesity Orion 5.0

Today, we’re excited to announce Cohesity Orion – our 5.0 software release. Since the beginning, Cohesity has set out on a mission to redefine secondary storage and enable enterprises to take back control of their data. The Orion release takes us another giant step towards realizing that mission.

Hyperconverged Secondary Storage enables enterprises to do 3 things:

1. Consolidate secondary storage silos on one web-scale platform. Orion consolidates traditional storage silos including backup software, deduplication appliances, file storage, object storage, and cloud gateway, on a single scale-out platform with best-in-class space efficiency. Cohesity is designed to SCALE to hundreds of nodes to manage large volumes of data efficiently.

2. Deliver data instantly for recovery, test/dev, and analytics. Orion doesn’t just do Copy Data Management, it eliminates the need to make redundant copies of data. Unlike other “backup first” solutions, our patented SnapTree technology creates instant clones of any data (backups, files, objects), at scale, to any point-in-time, with no performance impact. It presents that data back to the end-user on fully distributed, high-performance, resilient NFS / SMB / S3 Views to enable applications to directly mount the data for instant recovery, test/dev workflows, and analytics.

3. Build a multicloud data fabric. Orion makes public cloud easy. It provides native integration with all the leading public clouds (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud) for long-term data retention (CloudArchive) and bursting (CloudTier). Now customers can also deploy Cohesity in the cloud (CloudEdition) to replicate and actively manage cloud data. Customers can automatically bring up data and applications in the cloud for disaster recovery, test/dev, and analytics.


Watch the Videos

Cohesity Orion release in 60 seconds

University of California, Santa Barbara customer video

Taneja Group Report

Read the Taneja Group Technology Validation Report that confirms near-linear scalability of IO across a massive 256-node cluster (and it would scale far beyond 256 nodes – but we had to stop testing somewhere).

ESG Report

Read the ESG Report that confirms instant recovery of data at scale and to any point-in-time. In this test, ESG tested recovery times while increasing the size of the recovery from 1 VM to 100 VMs.

So – let’s take a closer look at the long list of new features in Orion:

Simple data protection and instant recovery for any platform

  • Support for all the leading hypervisors with automated data protection for Microsoft Hyper-V 2012R2 (with agentless CBT), Hyper-V 2016 (using the new RCT change tracking), Nutanix AHV, and Linux KVM
  • Automated data protection for any NAS storage, including snapshot-based data protection for Pure Storage FlashBlade, NetApp, and Dell EMC Isilon. Orion provides high-performance NAS backups with parallel tracking of changed data and multi-stream data transfers. Users can restore instantly to any backup point-in-time, directly from Cohesity, or by moving the data to the original array or to any other volume.
  • Automated data protection for Oracle Database. Orion provides policy-based automation for Oracle Database backups using RMAN. It supports source-side deduplication, Oracle RAC, and ASM. It also backs up Oracle logs to provide any point-in-time recovery. And finally, users can instantly provision clones of their databases and mount the database on Cohesity (or 3rd party storage) for instant recovery and to accelerate test/dev.
  • File-level backups for physical Linux servers, in addition to volume-based backups, and bare-metal restores for Windows servers.
  • Expanded support for Microsoft SQL. Orion now supports Windows Clustering and SQL AAG. Orion also enables live clone attach on Cohesity, and copy attach on 3rd party storage, for instant recovery and faster test/dev.

Watch the Lightboard Videos

Hyper-V Data Protection & Recovery Integration Overview

Nutanix AHV: Simple data protection and instant recovery

Protecting NetApp or any NAS with Cohesity DataProtect

Oracle Database: Automated data protection for Oracle with managed RMAN backups

MS SQL: Simple data protection with Windows Clustering and AAG

MS SQL: Simple test/dev process using SQL clone and copy attach

SpanFS and SnapTree: File system designed for web-scale secondary storage

Unlimited scale-out files and objects with global search

  • Multiprotocol NFS, SMB and S3 access. Orion provides distributed NFS, SMB and S3 Views. Users can configure Views for multiprotocol access with NFS, SMB, and S3.
  • Globally deduplicated S3 Object storage. Orion provides the industry’s only globally deduplicated S3-compatible object storage.
  • Indexing and global search. Orion indexes all file and object metadata and provides global search across an entire cluster.
  • User and file system quotas with audit logs.
  • C3000 dense storage node. In addition to the C2000 series, Orion can now be deployed on a new C3000 dense storage node. Each node provides up to 183TB of raw capacity in a 2U form factor, providing almost 2X the storage density compared to C2000. The C3000 is optimized for large files and objects. Each Cohesity cluster can combine C2000 and C3000 nodes, and Orion provides intelligent data placement across node types based on IO profile and QoS.

Read the Unstructured Data Solution Briefs

Unlimited Scale-Out Files and Objects

C3000 DataSheet

Multicloud data fabric for disaster recovery, test/dev, and analytic

  • DataPlatform Cloud Edition (CE) is now Generally Available for Microsoft Azure and available in Azure Marketplace. DataPlatform CE is also in limited availability on Amazon Web Services. DataPlatform CE enables users to deploy a Cohesity cluster in the public cloud. Users can replicate data to the cloud, manage data in the cloud, and instantly provision applications for disaster recovery, test/dev, and analytics.
  • Cloud disaster recovery at scale. Orion enables users to recover an entire datacenter in the public cloud, near-instantaneously and to any point-in-time.

Cohesity SpanFS and SnapTree: Web-Scale File System, Designed for Secondary Storage

As you can see, Orion is a very big release. All this innovation is enabled by the underlying file system: Cohesity SpanFS. SpanFS has been designed from scratch to consolidate secondary storage. It’s the only file system in the industry that simultaneously provides distributed NFS, SMB and S3 interfaces, global deduplication, and unlimited snaps and clones, on a web-scale platform. And it includes SnapTree, a distributed metadata structure based on B+ tree concepts. SnapTree delivers unlimited, frequent snapshots with no performance degradation. There is no other file system in the industry that combines the attributes of SpanFS and SnapTree. This is the technical foundation that makes web-scale secondary storage possible, and enables you to take back control of your data.

Read the White Paper

Cohesity SpanFS

Now, let’s go bust some storage silos together with Orion 5.0. This is much more than just backup technology!

Download the Infographic

Cohesity Orion 5.0

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Team Cohesity

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