Many organizations today still rely on legacy backup and recovery products. These traditional, multipoint solutions are fragmented, and consist of backup software, target storage, media and master servers, and bolt-on cloud gateways — all from different vendors.

For IT staff, this means there are multiple things to think about at all times, and multiple vendors to negotiate with.

While managing legacy backup solutions is complex and headache-inducing, data protection can be quite simple. Note just some of the differences in this comparison between traditional legacy backup and modern data protection environments:

Legacy backup lowlights

  • Fragmented
  • Slow
  • Not built for cloud
  • Expensive

Modern Data Protection highlights

  • Integrated
  • Instant
  • Cloud Native
  • Low TCO

Legacy backup provides an expensive insurance policy because the data is unproductive until disaster strikes. But data is valuable; once protected, it should be put back to work, which is where Cohesity’s data protection solution comes in.

There’s much more to discuss on all these points, and Karandeep covers it all in this video explaining Cohesity vs. Legacy Backup.

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