Data in the enterprise no longer resides in environments with clear boundaries. Customers have a wide spectrum of business requirements, with data often stored across multiple sites, and in traditional data centers as well as hyperclouds. As one of the UK’s leading providers of managed cloud services, iomart needed to meet customer demands in a hybrid world – incorporating on-premises, private cloud, hypercloud, and multi-cloud environments. As a service provider, it needed to offer managed services for aggregated secondary data. The company needed to identify a partner to deliver:

  • Cost-effective solution for robust secondary data backup and recovery.
  • A single, unified platform with flexible scalability to meet varied customer requirements.
  • Data protection across multiple hyperclouds.
  • A flexible solution to address needs for traditional workloads, as well as strengthen its Cloud Backup services portfolio.

The company chose Cohesity to deliver intelligent backup and recovery, along with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to its customers across Europe. Because of the flexibility of Cohesity’s secure multi-tenancy platform, iomart is able to offer Cohesity as a shared service to smaller businesses and as a dedicated service for large enterprises. As businesses adopt and shift to the cloud, Cohesity will allow iomart to deliver services to help customers gradually move to the cloud, and provide greater business insight and real-time visibility into customer data.

With a single hyperconverged solution customers can enjoy near-instant DRaaS, instancing protected virtual workloads in one of iomart’s Tier 3 data centers. This same service pattern can be applied to customers’ test and development workloads.

Outside of these benefits, iomart is also able to deliver these capabilities with Cohesity:

  • Simple and intuitive web-scale platform to manage multiple petabytes of data.
  • Seamless integration with public clouds, like AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.
  • Next-generation hyperconverged solution creates efficiency and reduces TCO.
  • Ability to offer expanded range of DRaaS and Cloud Backup services.

“Cohesity fits into our commitment to deliver truly hybrid solutions to our customers. Not only can it protect and maintain local storage and data requirements at the edge, it can also seamlessly extend to AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure without requiring separate cloud gateways. Customers can also choose to replicate their protected data into iomart’s business continuity cloud for near-instant Disaster Recovery as a Service.”

– Declan Sharpe, UK Sales Director, iomart

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