VMworld has become one of the biggest destination events for IT professionals. Every year, 20,000+ people descend on the Moscone Center in San Francisco to network, explore emerging tech, take self-guided hands-on-labs, and discuss problems with the tech teams represented by their favorite vendors. This year is going to be no different, and Cohesity will be there in-force to give everyone a sneak peek of what we’ve been up to!

Stop by the Booth!

One of the key motivations behind the messaging at Cohesity is “Bringing Order to Data Chaos.” If you look at the landscape of data in today’s IT infrastructure, anything outside the realm of “Tier 1” is spread across a ridiculous amount of storage and software solutions from a ridiculous amount of vendors, all with different ways to “solve your problems.” Ultimately, all it ends up doing is exacerbating the overarching problem of managing and consolidating operational and data protection environments. This anarchy often leads to Data Chaos, and in the worst cases, your data can become “dark.”

With that said, at VMworld, we want to provide you with an oasis to escape the chaos! Come by the booth, charge your devices, and get a massage! Grab your very own Cohesity Care Kit that has some lip balm, ibuprofen, and a handy wall USB adapter! As a seasoned alumnus of VMworld, trust me when I say … you’ll need all of this at a conference like VMworld!

Tuesday night, the famous Hall Crawl will be happening in the Solutions Exchange from  4PM until 6:30PM. During this time, Piña Coladas will be served at the Cohesity booth to cool down, and hey … we’ll even talk to you about what problems you’re trying to solve! Win-Win!

To schedule a dedicated briefing with the team, schedule it herehttps://www.cohesity.com


For you channel partners out there, Cohesity will be sponsoring the Revenue Acceleration event at Jillian’s Sunday night, and our entire sales and marketing team will be there!  We want to answer all of your questions and get you signed up to join us in this revolution! Stop by and chat with us, enjoy some apps, and a stogie on us!

Bloggers & vExperts!

You folks are the ones I, personally, am most interested in chatting with! There’s a big problem in today’s datacenter with the explosion of data, and while there are several companies setting out to attempt to solve this problem with some new data protection solutions, we’re taking it further than ever by empowering you to leverage that data for other purposes: DevOps environments, in-place analytics, injecting custom code into the box, or even building your very own apps to run natively/headless on the box via our OpenSDK!

We’ve done lots of 1-on-1 briefings with a lot of the top bloggers so far, but we want to talk to more of you!

Stay tuned for more info around a special treat we will soon have for every vExpert at the VMworld 2015 timeframe!

Find me, ask me about the product, and wherever we are, we’ll do a deeper dive on the tech. Whether that’s at the show, or at The Chieftain over a cold one, you’ll leave there with a complete understanding of what problem we’re trying to solve!


Remember … the best part about VMworld, hands-down, is the community. Be sure that you spend most of your time this week in the expo learning about emerging products and solutions, as well as networking with various members of the community.  Don’t forget that all of the session and HOL content will be available online after the show. Don’t be overwhelmed, and don’t feel like you have to do everything.

Save some energy during your day for the festivities that happen every single night, starting on Sunday with the VM Underground #WuPaaS warmup party! It is still one of the best networking events I attend every year!

To all of my friends and colleagues, this is truly a treasure I look forward to every year. To those of you that I’ve not met yet, please stop me and say hello and introduce yourself! I love meeting new people in our industry and community.

Lastly, and most importantly … enjoy yourself. You paid a lot of money to be here. The world isn’t going to end if you don’t make that session or finish that Hands-On-Lab. But be sure to insert yourself into the community. It will be more rewarding than you can ever think!

See you in a couple of weeks!

Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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