Why is Cohesity disrupting integrated secondary storage and data protection?  Because secondary storage is one of the biggest pain points for companies, and our Founder and CEO, Mohit Aron, recognized this and figured out a way to solve it.

In a recent report, Forrester outlines how secondary storage and data protection technology will gain widespread adoption in 24 months, and what are the drivers behind this trend – including Cohesity’s pivotal role.

Secondary storage “is complex and highly fragmented. It includes things like backups, cloud storage, test and development. Most businesses use a hodgepodge of appliances to try and manage this, but they can’t get a handle on it. The lack of a strategy causes businesses to waste enormous amounts of capacity and money. Currently about half of secondary storage exists as duplicates,” writes Zeus Kerravala, in his NetworkWorld article, Cohesity makes it easier to manage secondary storage.

The Forrester report explains how Cohesity is among a small handful of vendors trying to change the way enterprises manage secondary storage, data protection, and data copies to attain a one-second recovery point objective (RPO) for mission-critical applications.

“Data protection suffers from archaic tools and processes, a lack of innovation and architectural change, and the need for proprietary secondary storage alongside primary storage and software. No single solution supports fast, reliable recovery and secondary data copies,” Forrester states in its report.

Key points covered in the Forrester report :

  • Integrated Secondary Storage and Data Protection will transform data resiliency: Incumbent vendors in the data protection space face challenges owing to lack of innovation and proprietary technologies that lock in large enterprise clients. As usual, smaller innovators have changed the game for everyone.
  • Hyperconverged Industry-Standard Infrastructure reduces complexity and cost: Hyperconverged industry-standard infrastructure helps reduce complexity, technical debt, and the cost of data protection operations. Global deduplication reduces the total storage required, bringing down the cost of acquisition.
  • Stringent Recovery Objectives are finally a reality: Businesses that strive for stringent recovery objectives for data recovery or disaster recovery (DR) will see a significant boost. I&O leaders can deliver RPOs that were not practically possible with schedule-based snapshots.

Forrester highlights Cohesity as an established vendor, which is “delivering advanced capabilities to address specific problems in the secondary storage and data protection space.”

Digging in, Forrester asks and answers the following questions about Cohesity’s solution:

  • What are the capabilities of the products and the technology?
  • What are the user requirements, environments, and use cases?
  • What are the company’s go-to-market approach, channel strategy, and viability?
  • What are the barriers to success?
  • What’s next for the business and the products?

To read the answers, download Forrester’s report (Three Vendors Disrupting Integrated Secondary Storage And Data Protection) here.

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Team Cohesity
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Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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