It’s the end of the year, which means it’s time for editors to pick standouts in the industries they follow. Here are a couple of good ones from our storage corner of the tech market.

TechTarget: Converged Secondary Storage

For its part, TechTarget – in its Trends in data storage 2018: Five hot techs to watch roundup – put the spotlight directly on Cohesity for being a standout in converged secondary storage.

This TechTarget report does a great job summing up our space, and it can be read in its entirety here. Let’s go ahead and highlight some key remarks.

In 2016, Cohesity released DataPlatform Cloud Edition, capitalizing on the move to establish the cloud as a secondary storage tier. Cohesity’s Orion release of its DataProtect software, rolled out earlier this year, added features such as NAS, hypervisor support and global deduplication for Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Arun Taneja, Taneja Group founder, called Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition “one platform for all secondary storage applications. That’s what is unique about its solution. Cohesity has applied hyper-converged principles to the secondary storage side, across all types of secondary workloads.”

Concludes TechTarget: With more vendors getting in on the action and more emphasis than ever on secondary storage, converged secondary storage should have a big year as one of the key trends in data storage for 2018.

Virtualization & Cloud Review: Editor picks

There are some products editors just can’t live without and Cohesity is one of them, according to Virtualization & Cloud Review. The publication has rounded up these top picks in its 2017 Editor’s Choice Awards Winners report here (Cohesity’s segment starts at the bottom of page 3).

As summed up contributing editor, Brien Posey:

This product is awesome because … Cohesity is a backup company with an architectural model based on hyper-convergence. Over the past year or so, Cohesity has done two things that land it squarely on my list of winners.

First, Cohesity treats hypervisors as just another service to be backed up. This means that the administrative experience, which is designed to be completely intuitive, remains largely the same whether you’re backing up SQL Server, VMware or Hyper-V.

This year, Cohesity also introduced cloud-based Cohesity clusters. Cohesity originally leveraged an on-premises hyper-converged infrastructure known as a Cohesity cluster. While this appliance remains at the heart of it’s approach to backups, it’s been working with public cloud providers to enable on-premises Cohesity clusters to be replicated to cloud-based clusters. In some cases, it’s even possible to back up virtualization hosts (and other resources) directly to the cloud, without the need for an on-premises Cohesity cluster.

Says Virtualization & Cloud Review, “There’s no set criteria for picking their favorite products of the year. A product could be on the list for any reason the editor chose. The one unifying theme for all these products is that they hold a special place in the editor’s heart.”

Fine by us – we are just happy to be on the list!


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