Working with disparate solutions across multiple on-premises and cloud environments adds complexity to backup solutions. Cohesity builds solutions that consolidate fragmented backup and secondary data silos to reduce this complexity. Consolidating legacy infrastructure with modern backup software on a preferred server infrastructure can further simplify acquisition, deployment, and operation of these backup and recovery solutions. Cohesity has partnered with Cisco to offer comprehensive solutions with their world class server infrastructure. Additionally, Cisco partners with Cohesity to combine our backup solutions with Cisco HyperFlex, consolidating data silos for both primary and secondary data onto a single solution.

The continued deployment of disparate data solutions leads to the proliferation of data across locations, silos, and management systems, driving up IT costs and complexity. IT administrators often struggle to keep their backup solutions simple while facing this challenge referred to as of mass data fragmentation. According to a recent Vanson Bourne study, nearly nine in ten respondents believe their organization’s secondary data is fragmented across silos and is, or will become, nearly impossible to manage long term. In that same study, more than a third of organizations use 6 or more solutions for all of their secondary data operations.

The fragmentation of data across silos contributes to complexity in several stages:

  • Acquisition: Purchasing point products from different vendors leads to fragmented data silos that require additional internal resources for qualifying solutions. Procurement processes can be complex for purchasing equipment from different sources for each data silo.
  • Deployment: Implementing multiple interdependent point products drains IT resources and can lead to unexpected obstacles. Solution interdependencies also present challenges when upgrading or replacing legacy silos.
  • Ongoing Operations: Inconsistent capabilities across silos can disrupt seamless operations and management. Heterogeneous environments also require multiple specialized skills from the IT team, which comes at additional training cost and effort.

Simplifying acquisition

We work closely with Cisco so that you can easily acquire modern backup and recovery software with your preferred server platform. We do this by first certifying select servers to make it easy to purchase granular options for scale out storage- which removes the risk for support issues when deploying unqualified platforms. We also want to ensure simplicity in the purchase process itself. As a part of joining Cisco’s SolutionsPlus program, we simplify the purchase process by placing Cohesity software on the Cisco Global Price List. It is now possible to purchase a joint Cohesity and Cisco solution, with infrastructure and software, from a single source. This also increases global availability by giving Cisco’s direct and channel network the ability to offer Cohesity software to you anywhere in the world.

Simplifying deployment

Modernizing and consolidating legacy solutions can be simplified with an incremental migration path. Cohesity on UCS can be quickly and easily implemented as target storage as a first step towards modernizing your backup solution. This consolidates silos by leveraging a common platform across both compute and target storage. When ready, you can expand this setup to a full backup and recovery solution on the same platforms. Native cloud integration can be used in turn to implement tiering or archiving of backup data, without adding additional bolt-on cloud gateways. This easy on ramp makes it simple to mitigate the switching costs of migration projects and provides IT organizations comprehensive cloud agility.

We also make it easy to implement more comprehensive deployments. Fully validated, prescriptive deployment guidance is made available through our partnership with Cisco. Detailed configuration instructions help you and channel partners to deploy repeatable, scalable backup and recovery solutions with confidence. Our recent design validates Cisco HyperFlex for primary data with Cohesity Data Protection for backup and secondary data. Cisco HyperFlex complements the consolidation offered by Cohesity by unifying network, compute, and storage resources onto a single platform. This complete data solution places primary and secondary data on a single architecture – all based on Cisco UCS.

Simplifying operations

Deploying Cohesity software on Cisco UCS servers creates the ability to leverage Cisco UCS Manager across the consolidated compute and backup infrastructure. The complete data solution with Cisco HyperFlex and Cohesity on Cisco UCS extends those management benefits across primary and secondary data, respectively.

Consolidating silos also makes it easier to leverage specialized IT staff for remote and Hybrid IT / Multi-cloud solutions by focusing on a single solution. Cohesity DataPlatform Virtual Edition and Cohesity DataPlatform Cloud Edition extend the benefits of Cohesity backup solutions across edge, core, and cloud. This provides consistent capabilities and opens seamless movement of replicated data across location and cloud silos, enabling specialized staff to more simply update and manage backup solutions. Additionally, Cohesity Helios provides a unified dashboard to manage global multi-cluster environment for your backup solution, with an easy to navigate user interface. Cohesity Helios offers the ability to enforce global policies and upgrade all your Cohesity clusters, or drill down into any specific cluster, all from a single aggregated view.

Cisco and Cohesity work together to consolidate data silos, helping organizations like yours reduce the challenges of mass data fragmentation. This consolidation simplifies backup solutions through acquisition, implementation, and operations. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of our joint solutions, read more here.

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