Community Hospital has come a long way since challenges stemming from its previous legacy environment. Despite being a small hospital, it has over 800TB of data and relies on SAN storage to save large files like MRI images and CAT scans, along with all patient data that it saves indefinitely.

The hospital was experiencing pain points when it came to its secondary storage environment. Its existing solution was bulky and cumbersome, and restores were unreliable and not smooth to administer. Legacy solutions were complex, insanely expensive, and the IT team had to dedicate a lot of time to training just to be able to manage a solution that was unreliable.

Community Hospital knew what it needed to solve its challenges: A simplified solution to consolidate its footprint and resolve issues of backup and recovery. This would allow the organization to benefit from:

  • Reduced cost for reliable backup and recovery
  • Simplified management from a single pane of glass
  • A flexible and scalable solution to meet future growth and requirements
  • Ease of upgrades and integration with VMware and Nutanix

After considering Commvault and Rubrik, Community Hospital chose Cohesity and was immediately impressed by the seamless Nutanix integration and ease of management.

With Cohesity, Community Hospital’s IT team can now focus on delivering optimal service to its users and the performance of healthcare applications, instead of spending the majority of its time on maintenance, training, and troubleshooting. A complete hyperconverged infrastructure is allowing Community Hospital to save cost and time across the board.

  • Backup costs reduced by 40%
  • Seamless native integration to leverage HCI across the board
  • RTO reduced by six hours with reliable recovery and restore
  • Scalable solution for future growth and additional file storage capabilities

For the price of a renewal, Community Hospital deployed Cohesity and immediately decreased our datacenter footprint and our backup costs by 40%.


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