Happy 2018! While we are kicking off the new year with a bang, we’re not quite ready to say good-bye to 2017, because it was well-worthy of a recap. So buckle up, because we’re rounding it all up in this post.

Even industry experts have taken note of our whirlwind year! Take this week’s NetworkWorld post by Zeus Kerravala – Hyperconverged secondary storage market heats up. In it he explains the evolution of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) from niche technology to indispensable solution that is changing the face of the data center.

Of course Kerravala focuses on Cohesity as the company leading the charge in the hyperconverged secondary storage market. About Cohesity, Kerravala says,

Frankly, every large enterprise should be using something like Cohesity, but internal processes often get in the way of new technology being adopted. Also, about half of Cohesity’s customers made repeat purchases in 2017, with many implementations exceeding 1 petabyte. The add-on buying is an indicator that customers are indeed seeing the value of bringing the benefits of HCI to secondary storage. Secondary storage is a huge headache for companies, so I’m not surprised at the results.

Read the entire article for yourself here. Also, be sure to check out Cohesity makes it easier to manage secondary storage to find out what Kerravala had to say back in November when he first discovered Cohesity (and came to appreciate the data center pain point we are addressing).

How to Achieve 600 Percent Growth: Be Obsessed with Your Customers

Back to the recap. In a nutshell:  Growth, growth, growth.

Our whopping 600 percent increase in 2017 sales revenue is related to none other than being able to bring so many new customers into the Cohesity fold. Over the past eight months, we saw our customer count double, including the addition of a dozen Fortune 500 companies. Additionally, more than half of all customers deployed Cohesity cloud services!

What’s the secret? As our new CMO Lynn Lucas put it (and echoing the mantra of our CEO, Mohit Aron): customer obsession.

Like everyone here at Cohesity, Lynn is making it a 2018 goal to help more of our customers (like XO Communications mentioned in her first blog) “get more sleep and their weekends back.” Hard to argue with the popularity of that benefit.

Also, our company itself is physically expanding. We doubled the number of employees, moved to new San Jose headquarters, and opened a new office in Research Triangle Park (RTP).

And of course something that is frequently covered here and on social media: Our company and our products garnered multiple accolades in 2017, and attracted significant new executive leadership, alliances, and channel partnerships.

Whew! That was a mouthful, but it was fun to run through. The nitty-gritty details behind all of this activity are laid out here.

And now, just one week into the new year, more exciting news is already happening. Stay tuned to this space and on Twitter to keep up with the latest with Cohesity.

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