You’ve heard it time and time again …

“XYZ is ripe for disuption!”

Earlier this week, Cohesity unveiled some deeper details to the world for the first time as part of the Data Protection Megacast by Actual/Tech Media. Thanks to David DavisScott D. Lowe, and the rest of the team for running such a great event, and providing us with some anonymous survey feedback.

Setting the Stage

Out of almost 300 survey respondants …

40% were from Healthcare, Financial, Industrial, and Manufacturing verticals, and an additional 30% identify as being from the Technology industry.

A staggering 61% said that Cost was their primary concern when it comes to Data Protection.

54% claimed to be evaluating and/or actively considering data protection projects in the next 12 months, and 63% claimed that after hearing from all of us vendors on the Megacast, are more likely to consider purchasing NEW data protection solutions than they were before attending.

While this is a small sampling of the demographic, the need is clear.

Problem Statement

1) Legacy backup vendors …. consider yourselves “on notice.”

Continuing to back things up the way we have since the 90’s is done. Customers are tired of your methods, your proxy servers, your tape libraries, and most importantly, your exhorbinant licensing costs.

2) “Modern” backup vendors …. you cannot stop innovating.

Just because you’re leveraging snapshots now rather than NDMP doesn’t excuse you from continuing to do things in a legacy fashion with 3rd party or auxillary software.

3) Customers …. please understand that you’re not forced to continue to do things as you always have!

There are cheaper, easier, and more efficient ways to do things, and the path to entry is much less resistant than it ever has been, and you have more modernized solutions available to choose from than ever before …

….. like the Cohesity Data Platform!

In a future post, we’ll deep-dive on some of the innovation soon to be added to this space at Cohesity, along with other things such as analytics, storage provisioning, virtual machine and application management, and much, much more!

Be sure to watch the Data Protection Megacast, sign up for an Early Access briefing, and follow us on Twitter (@Cohesity) for more information coming soon.

Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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Team Cohesity
Team Cohesity
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