Certain things are critical to have at your fingertips. Like files containing police department videos from vehicle and body cameras, so they can be easily retrieved at a moment’s notice.

This was the case with University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), which is using Cohesity to consolidate its disparate systems across 13 departments – its police department among them. In doing so, the university has saved over 50 percent on operating costs.

Cohesity’s solution uniquely enables organizations to consolidate data protection and data repositories into a single solution. This has enabled UCSB to consolidate legacy solutions and store the growing critical and mandatory-to-save data, such as the campus police department’s vehicle- and body-camera videos, on an instantaneously available platform.

“Cohesity helped us to easily back up the growing critical and mandatory-to-save data, like police department videos from their vehicle and body cameras, and made those files instantaneously available upon request,” said Ben Price, director of administrative and residential IT at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “From backup to recovery, analytics to monitoring and alerting, Cohesity consolidated everything under a simple, easy-to-access user interface.”

UCSB did its due diligence in choosing Cohesity as its solution for consolidating its Secondary Storage. Based on a three-month proof-of-concept project, UCSB selected Cohesity over Rubrik and Veeam. As a result, all 13 departments in UCSB are now using Cohesity as their unified, scale-out data protection solution.

Department-wide, UCSB is benefitting from:

  • An easy-to-use user interface
  • The ability for user to users to see backup and recovery jobs
  • Monitoring and alerting all in one place
  • The ability for the IT infrastructure team to seamlessly protect production data offsite in the cloud, thanks to Cohesity’s native cloud integration

How is UCSB drastically simplifying its data backup and recovery process? With Google-like global search, its IT infrastructure team can run more granular searches and retrieve files quicker.

Meanwhile, native cloud integration with Microsoft Azure, AzureGov, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) ensures that the data is protected and instantly available when needed.

The team is achieving instant capacity optimization with economies of cloud. Using Cohesity, UCSB eliminated multiple point solutions and management complexity, resulting in a 50-percent reduction in operating expenses.

The best news: The IT infrastructure team is now free to focus on critical items and innovation, rather than spending time going through long and expensive vendor trainings.

Watch this brief four-minute video to hear right from the source how UCSB is benefitting from Cohesity.

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