AutoNation’s Vice President, Technology Operations, Adam Rasner has been out front a lot lately, and he’s been talking about why the automotive retailer chose Cohesity over two legacy vendors and a major competitor for data protection:

  • User interface
  • Simplicity of deployment
  • Cost-per-terabyte
  • Scale-out model

In his latest video, Adam goes a little further in his Cohesity kudos, explaining that while AutoNation originally chose Cohesity for backup and restore, the company has found use cases for secondary storage as well. For example, AutoNation needed a platform to run lower-performance apps at a lower cost of storage. “Today most of our apps run on tier-1, very expensive, high-dollar storage and we wanted a place to run some of our lower-tier apps at a lower cost.”

Adam also explains that Cohesity fits squarely into AutoNation’s cloud strategy. The company has a multi-cloud environment (it uses AWS and Microsoft Azure) and many of its next-generation apps are going to be built in the cloud. It is key, he explains, for the company’s data protection platform to support both its on-prem and multi-cloud environments.

Watch the video to hear first-hand why AutoNation selected Cohesity for data protection.

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