Car Shopping Becoming Amazon-Like, Secondary Storage Playing Key Role in Transformation

By Team Cohesity • January 25, 2018

In the past fifty years, the car shopping process has not changed much. You browse, you haggle, you waste a precious day off, and you drive home with a vehicle.  AutoNation says all that’s about to change! The largest U.S. auto retailer is leading the charge toward a future in which the car-buying and Amazon-shopping experiences are nearly the same – and Cohesity is coming along for this exciting ride.

Cohesity is supplying the hyperconverged secondary storage solution that is helping AutoNation transform the entire automobile-buying experience, from purchase to service.

How? With Cohesity as its secondary storage provider, AutoNation is no longer struggling with 6,000 backup failures a month. Instead, the company has confidence that its data can be restored quickly and reliably, and that its storage solution can scale across a rapidly growing organization,

In this video, AutoNation’s head of IT Infrastructure and Operations, Adam Rasner, and CXOTalk host, Michael Krigsman, chat about AutoNation’s decision to choose a “next gen” vendor over antiquated, legacy options when it came time to solve enterprise storage issues.