theCUBE interviews: Mohit Aron Explains How the New Cohesity MarketPlace Helps Customers with Data Protection Challenges

By Team Cohesity • February 28, 2019

This week marks an important milestone in Cohesity’s vision and how we continue to innovate on ways to help our customers solve their data protection challenges.

Yesterday we announced that Cohesity customers are now able to download apps from the new Cohesity MarketPlaceTM  and run them directly on the Cohesity DataPlatform in order to extend the platform’s functionality in valuable new ways.

Cohesity founder & CEO, Mohit Aron, explains the benefit Cohesity MarketPlace apps provide customers, writing in his blog yesterday:

“Imagine apps that can shine a light on ‘dark’ data, uncover new insights and offer new capabilities such as e-discovery, compliance, data loss prevention or analytics – and many more as the ecosystem grows. Until now these additional capabilities have been time consuming and expensive to implement, since they typically require separate infrastructure to be set up, and the source data extracted or moved into that environment for the app to run against. But now with the Cohesity platform, the process is as simple as downloading and installing an app, which can immediately run against any aspect of the organization’s data, having been previously captured and indexed during routine backup operations.”

To hear more about the value of a distributed platform that lets you run apps where the data is, listen to Mohit during his sit-down with theCUBE host John Furrier for a CUBEConversation.