theCUBE Video: Cohesity Helios and other VMworld 2018 Highlights

By Team Cohesity • August 31, 2018

Anyone who attended VMworld 2018 will tell you that Cohesity made a big splash at this year’s show. Our booth was hopping nonstop; Snoop Dogg brought down the house when he performed at our jam-packed show party; one of our awesome customers, AutoNation, held several standing-room only sessions on why they chose Cohesity for data protection; and Cohesity green flowed freely around Las Vegas. Check out this blog for fun photo and video highlights, and check out this video to hear AutoNation’s Adam Rasner interviewed by theCUBE hosts.

In keeping with that Cohesity momentum, on day three of VMworld 2018, our CMO, Lynn Lucas, sat down with theCUBE hosts, Justin Warren and Stuart Miniman, to run through Cohesity’s VMworld 2018 highlights.

Stuart started off by noting Cohesity’s substantial show footprint, telling Lynn that “people have been talking about Cohesity … the booth is hopping, people are lining up …”

With that, Lynn agreed that we made some noise the first night with the party featuring Snoop Dogg, and a lot of cool games are going on in the booth. But what’s most important to Cohesity is that VMWorld is where our core customers are. “It’s about bringing folks in to talk about how we can help them with consolidating their data silos … how we can help them modernize their data center and move into a hybrid cloud world.”

Lynn moved on to the real VMworld 2018 highlight for Cohesity: Being able to talk about the new Cohesity Helios, a SaaS-based solution which provides a single, global, unified view of all your secondary data and applications. “It’s a SaaS-based service, but Helios is not just a dashboard or monitoring – it is active management, which will bring about great efficiencies for the IT organization.”

The three discuss much more during their sit down. Watch the video below to catch the full discussion between Lynn Lucas and theCUBE hosts on the VMworld 2018 show floor.