Video: New Year, New Offices!

By Team Cohesity • January 3, 2018

If you enjoyed our recent photo blog about moving offices, you’ll love this live-action video that captures the excitement of the day.

Why did we move? After doubling our workforce, and increasing revenues by 600 percent, it was time to find a new space that would reflect our young company’s rapid success in the Hyperconverged Secondary Storage space. And now we are occupying two spacious (and kind of glamorous) floors of the newly-constructed 300 Park Avenue tower in downtown San José, Calif.

In this video, you’ll hear first-hand from our founder and CEO, Mohit Aron, as he cuts the red ribbon. He describes what a momentous occasion this is for Cohesians, giving you a sense of the energy that drives us to be our best every day. You’ll also hear from San José Mayor Sam Liccardo about what a big deal it is to have a rising-star like Cohesity become a member of his city’s business community.