Video: Why LendingClub Replaced Legacy Backup with Cohesity’s Data Protection Solution

By Team Cohesity • July 26, 2018

In this video, you’ll hear from one of our customers – LendingClub – about why the company chose to replace its legacy backup environment with Cohesity’s modern data protection solution.

Prior to deploying Cohesity, LendingClub was running a traditional backup environment … and encountering many of the typical problems we see today with legacy backup and recovery solutions. For example, backing up its terabyte file systems had become a days-long process and that was untenable, according to LendingClub’s Sr. Director, End User Services and Support, Steven McCaa.

Listen in to hear the full discussion between Steve and theCUBE‘s Jeff Frick about the LendingClub’s legacy backup challenges that have been solved by deploying Cohesity’s data protection solution.

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